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Ms. Breeze Muscarella

Hello, my name is Breeze Muscarella. I am the lead teacher of the Young Preschool classroom. I have worked at Premier Academy since 2014. I am working toward my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development. Aside from working at Premier I have also worked at an early childhood education center in Mount Pleasant. I enjoy working at Premier Academy because of the friendly atmosphere and great sense of community. With the parents, children, and other employees combined, every student always feel welcome. I enjoy all of the different experiences and activities the school offers children, aiding them to grow and learn to reach their full potential. The thing I like most about working with children is every day brings something new. As much as I teach them, they’re teaching me. I love watching each individual child grow and get comfortable with their own self and personality. My favorite thing to do with children inside the classroom is art. I enjoy allowing them to create different art pieces and listening to them tell me what their thought process behind it was and what the picture means to them. Having the opportunity to be a lead teacher has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Every day I look forward to teaching, caring for, laughing with, and watching the person each child is becoming.
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