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Ms. Jenny Conover

Hello, My name is Miss Conover. I am a lead teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten program. I have worked at Premier Academy since 2012. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Rochester College. I also have my Associates degree in Early Childhood Development from Oakland Community College. Before starting at Premier Academy I worked full time as a lifeguard and swim instructor in our community for seven years. One thing that I love about working here is that interschool community is very close. Teachers will team up together and share resources. Parents are active and are partners in their student’s education. Working with my students is important to me because of all the little moments I get to witness. My students are at such an exciting time in their lives where there is so much to discover, and they are on the verge of accomplishing so many great things My classroom is based on the idea of hands on learning that is supported by written work. We do experiments together, play games, and have large class discussions. This is considered active learning. I find students gain a larger understanding by being a part of the lesson. I have been a part of the Rochester community my whole life and have gone through the Rochester Public School system. Enriching and giving back to the community that gave so much to me is very important. I am looking forward to continuing to teach and get to know my students.
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