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Send Your Kids to Premier Academy's Summer Camp in Detroit

Premier Academy's summer camp program offers a multifaceted experience for children aged 6-12, delving into learning and growth. Beyond traditional activities, we engage campers in a dynamic blend of physical challenges, mental stimulation, emotional expression, and academic exploration. Our goal is to provide an enriching environment where children not only have fun but also develop essential life skills. Through hands-on adventures, collaborative projects, and exciting activities, our camp fosters a sense of curiosity, resilience, and camaraderie among participants. Join us for a summer filled with diverse experiences contributing to your child's development.

Our Summer Camp Curriculum: Bridge Book Program

Throughout the summer, Premier Academy specializes in the "BRIDGE BOOK" program, a carefully designed series of worksheets that connect academic levels. Our aim is to provide a seamless transition for students moving from one grade to the next. This program, thoughtfully aligned with the common core, reinforces fundamental concepts and challenges campers with new material anticipated in the upcoming school year. The curriculum spans various subjects, including reading comprehension, mathematics, social studies, science experiments, grammar, time and money, character development, and incorporates engaging fitness activities. Campers work on these worksheets independently and enjoy collaborative learning experiences through partnerships, small groups, and co-teaching with peers of different ages. This holistic approach ensures that students are well-prepared, confident, and enthusiastic about the academic journey that lies ahead. To secure your child's spot in this enriching program, reach out and enroll by calling the campus nearest to you!

Why Choose Summer Camp at Premier Academy?

Established in 2009, Premier Academy is an educational haven, offering programs tailored for all age groups. Committed to creating a nurturing environment, we prioritize warmth, safety, and growth for every child in our care. Our team of degreed and certified teachers brings top-notch educational expertise to the forefront, especially at our summer camps. At Premier Academy, we recognize the importance of fostering moral character and embracing love, forgiveness, and acceptance in our approach to childcare. With small class sizes and an emphasis on inquiry-based learning, our students embark on an educational journey that propels them toward a promising future. Tailoring experiences to individual needs, our teachers ensure a differentiated learning environment, fostering cultural diversity and instilling each student's lifelong love for learning.

When Summer Ends, Our Educational Programs Continue

Premier Academy's commitment revolves around nurturing each child's growth through diverse educational curriculums and comprehensive childcare services. Tailored to various age groups, our curriculums create an environment promoting knowledge and skills. We collaborate closely with families to provide essential support for developing learning and social skills. Premier Academy offers many programs, including: Premier Academy champions collaborative learning, ensuring a secure and nurturing atmosphere. With curriculums prioritizing health, safety, and personalized support, our programs offer a reliable and enriching alternative to public schools, daycare centers, and other childcare options. Discover the program that aligns with your interests, and schedule a tour today!

Enroll Your Child in Summer Camp Today

Ready to enroll your child in Premier Academy's engaging and educational summer camp? Contact us today to secure a spot in our program designed for ages 6-12, offering a comprehensive curriculum to bridge the gap between grades. Give your child the opportunity for hands-on teaching and learning, improving problem-solving skills, and ensuring they thrive in a nurturing childcare center environment. Enjoy a summer filled with physical, mental, emotional, and academic growth as children learn and engage in a dynamic course of study. Call now to ensure your child's spot in our enriching summer camp experience!

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