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Premier Academy's Oakland Township Campus

Since 2009, Premier Academy has been a hallmark of educational excellence, offering diverse programs for children of all ages. The Oakland Township Campus is dedicated to providing a warm, safe, and nurturing environment where children not only learn but flourish.

Central to the Oakland Township Campus is a team of degreed and certified teachers committed to delivering the finest in educational care. We emphasize not only academic development but also the enhancement of children’s moral character, rooted in love, forgiveness, and acceptance for a positive and supportive atmosphere

To establish a robust educational foundation, we maintain small class sizes and employ inquiry-based learning methodologies. This approach fosters curiosity and critical thinking from an early age, providing students with a head start on their educational journey. Recognizing each child’s uniqueness, our teachers offer a differentiated learning experience tailored to individual needs.

Cultural diversity is seamlessly integrated into our Oakland Township Campus classrooms, enriching the educational experience and fostering an inclusive environment. Additionally, we actively nurture a love for lifelong learning, instilling joy and curiosity that propels students toward continuous growth and discovery. At the Oakland Township Campus, we transcend traditional education, shaping well-rounded individuals prepared to face future challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.


Stephanie Kline & Katie Hewitt


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Premier Academy's Oakland Township Campus Photo Gallery

As shown in the following photo gallery, our Oakland Township Campus emphasizes student learning and development in a nurturing setting. Designed to support our core values, our campus boasts a welcoming facility and an educational environment focused on small groups. That way, our children are promised a personalized and concentrated learning experience.

These images aim to capture the essence of our dedication to creating a conducive learning atmosphere for every child. Delve deeper into our programs by touring our facility and obtaining an information packet tailored to your program of choice. Tours are conveniently available Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Contact the office at the nearest campus to schedule your visit—we’re excited to welcome you on campus!

Curriculums Designed for Early Child Development

At Premier Academy’s Oakland Township Campus, our dedicated focus is on cultivating the growth of each child through an array of educational curriculums and childcare services. Specifically designed for various age groups, our curriculums aim to enhance knowledge and skills within a secure and nurturing learning environment. We collaborate closely with you, the child’s family members, to provide essential support for the development of both learning and social skills.

Additionally, our services at the Oakland Township campus emphasize health and safety, establishing a reliable alternative to public schools and other childcare programs. The various types of care we offer are as follows:

At Premier Academy’s Oakland Township Campus, our focus revolves around collaborative learning, nurturing both knowledge and skills within a secure and supportive environment. With curriculums that prioritize health, safety, and personalized support, we provide a dependable and enriching alternative to public schools, childcare centers, and other childcare programs. Discover the curriculum that resonates with you above and schedule a tour today to explore the possibilities!

Additional Programs We Offer

At Premier Academy, we present captivating programs for students ranging from preschool to kindergarten. You can stay connected with your child’s progress through regular updates and parent-teacher conferences, all while they enjoy a diverse array of events and extra-curricular activities, including piano lessons, yoga, dance, gymnastics, and karate. Our daily specials uncover individual talents beyond traditional classroom settings. Lastly, our holistic approach encompasses nutritional hot lunches and snacks, catering to special diets, and maintaining a peanut and tree-nut-free campus.

Explore Premier Academy's Oakland Township Campus

Discover our diverse programs at the Oakland Township Campus by embarking on a tour of our facility and acquiring a personalized information packet. Tours are conveniently available Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Contact our Oakland Township Campus office to schedule your visit—we look forward to showcasing our campus to you!

Seeking a Rewarding Career?

Embark on a fulfilling career journey at Premier Academy’s Oakland Township Campus. Joining our team isn’t just about a job; it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on young minds in a warm, safe, and nurturing environment. A career at Premier Academy aligns with your passion for education and commitment to fostering student growth. Email us today to explore how you can make a difference.